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Life and Work in England
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Life and Work in Paris
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Life and Work in Paris

He arrived in Paris in early 1911 and continued his work vigorously. The British media still remained highly critical of him and tried to use their influence in French media circle. The British government tried to extradite him from France with no success. Shyamji's name was dragged into the most sensational trial of Mr. Merlin, an Englishmen, at Bows Court for writing an article in "liberators" published by Shyamji's friend, Mr. James. Shyamji's work in Paris helped gain support for Indian Independence from European countries. He agitated for the release of Savarker and acquired great support all over Europe and Russia. Guy Aldred wrote an article in the Daily Herald under the heading of Savarker the Hindu Patriot whose sentences expire on 24th December 1960 , helping create support in England too. As the presence of an Indian nationalist in Paris would be seriously jeopardised by the outbreak of a European war and the visit of King George to Paris in 1950 to set a final seal of Entente Cordiale, Shyamji foresaw the fate and shifted his headquarters to Geneva.

Here the Swiss government imposed political restrictions during the entire period of World War I. He kept in touch with his contacts but he could not support them directly. He spent time with Dr. Briess, president of the Pro India Committee in Geneva. Shyamji was later shocked and heartbroken when he found out that Dr. Briess was a paid secret agent of the British Government, as well as the treachery of his old friend. This event left a deep scar in his heart but his support to the cause remained at his heart throughout.