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Life and Work in England
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Life and Work in England

Upon his arrival in London, he stayed at the Inner Temple and studied Herbert Spencer's writings in his spare time. In 1900 he bought an expensive house in HighGate. His home became a base for all political leaders of India. Gandhiji, Lenin, Tilak, Lala Lajpat Rai, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, and many more visited him to discuss the Indian Independence Movement. Avoiding the Indian National Congress, he kept in contact with rationalists, free thinkers, national and social democrats, socialists, Irish republicans, etc.

In 1898, when a free press defence committee was formed in order to resist police attack upon liberty of all opinions Shyamji subscribed generously to its funds.

Shyamji was a great admirer of Herbert Spencer's philosophy and he accepted him as his guru. Herbert Spencer died 14th December 1903 and in his honour Shyamji established an annual lectureship at Oxford for the sum of 1000. In addition, he endowed five Herbert Spencer Indian fellowships, each valued at Rs. 2,000 and a Swami Dayanand fellowship. He also established many other fellowships in honour of great Indians.

In 1905, Shyamji embarked on a new career as a full-fledged propagandalist. He made his debut by publishing the first issue of his English monthly "The Indian Sociologist" - an organ of freedom and of political, social and religious reform. This powerful ideological monthly served a great purpose in uplifting the mass against British rule and encouraged many more intellectual revolutionaries in India and abroad to fight for the freedom of India. On 18th February 1905, Shyamji inaugurated a new organisation called "The Indian Home Rule Society". The first meeting for the same was held at Shyamji's residence at HighGate and the meeting unanimously decided to found "The Indian Home Rule Society" with the object of:

Securing home rule for India
Carrying on propaganda in England by all practical means with a view to attain the same
Spreading among the people of India knowledge of freedom and National unity